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Recovery from animal bites no walk in the park

New Jersey dog owners might be using the last weeks of summer to get their furry friends outside for some exercise. Many parks offer a special area for dogs and their owners to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, animal bites cannot be totally prevented, and if a dog becomes aggressive toward other pets or people, injuries can be serious. 

Tips for handling dog bite injuries

The dog days of summer have arrived, and New Jersey residents are enjoying the remaining few weeks of fun in the sun. Sometimes, an unexpected illness or injury can happen when a victim least expects it, and in the case of dog bite injuries, knowing what to do in an emergency can be crucial. There are important steps to take right away to help prevent infection, the chief concern for most dog bite injury cases. 

Brave boy suffers dog bite injuries

It may be difficult to keep up with the news these days, and New Jersey residents may have missed a recent headline that is both heart-warming and chilling. Amid coverage of national politics, natural disasters and celebrity gossip lies a story about a brave little boy who suffered serious dog bite injuries after saving his little sister from a similar fate. The remarkable story serves as a reminder that pet owners may fail to keep visitors to their homes safe. 

Critical steps to take after dog bite injuries

The ramifications of dog attacks can be considerable, with significant financial, legal and medical consequences. Victims of dog bite injuries who are unsure of their legal rights to recover damages may be uncertain of the critical steps to take after a dog attack. New Jersey is one of the states with a "strict liability" law when it comes dog attacks.

School sued after student suffers severe animal bites

A former student of a high school in another state and her parents filed a lawsuit against the school, alleging negligence. As in New Jersey, there are laws in place to hold dog owners or other negligent parties responsible for animal bites. In this case, the defendants are the priest, campus minister, the high school, and several other parties who were involved in scheduling volunteers to visit senior citizens as part of a Meals on Wheels project.

Dog bite injuries might lead to civil law suit

Police in New Jersey recently reminded dog owners that it is their responsibility to secure their properties to prevent their dogs from escaping. Residents must not let their dogs off their properties without them being leashed to avoid passersby suffering dog bite injuries. This followed a recent incident when police were called to an incident in which a woman was walking her leashed dog when a pair of dogs escaped their owner's home and attacked her dog.

Dealing with trauma after a dog bite

Dog bite attacks can be incredibly painful and traumatic in the moment. But what about the aftermath of the incident? Studies that examine the experience of dog bite victims have shown that the trauma of a dog-related attack can last long after the incident itself has ended.

How much can an animal bites cost you?

Pet-owning residents of New Jersey have a responsibility to ensure that their pet does no harm to visitors on their property. Unfortunately, your safety cannot always be guaranteed. If you have been bitten by someone's pet, we at Lieberman, Ryan & Forrest, L.L.C., are here to discuss what the costs may actually be.

Pit bulls' owner arrested after fatal attack

Any person in New Jersey who has heard others talk about pit bulls know that emotions can run high on this topic. Many people argue vehemently that this breed of dog can be just as loving, sweet and docile as any other type of dog. They assert that the nature of a pit bull or of any dog has more to do with how it is raised than what breed it might happen to be or include. Despite these assertions, it is a fact that pit bulls remain involved in more attacks than any other type of dog. 

Wildlife charges for man keeping alleged "attack squirrel"

When people in New Jersey think of pets that may be prone to attack humans, their minds probably turn first to dogs. However, individuals may keep any number of animals with the capacity to bite. An Alabama man kept a squirrel, which he claimed to have raised from a baby, in a cage in his apartment. He now faces charges from state authorities for violating a law prohibiting the possession of wild rodents. 

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