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Necessary motorcycle gear

When New Jersey motorcyclists get on the road, they may not always think about safety. Safety is an important part of riding a motorcycle, though, and it is important for people to understand what kind of gear they need to protect themselves on the road.

How can I become a safer motorcyclist?

As a New Jersey motorcyclist, you are 29 times more likely to die in a vehicle crash than a passenger car occupant. This is according to the New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety, which adds that you are also five times more likely to be injured. There is an 83 percent chance that you will be injured if you crash.

Motorcyclists are for lane-splitting

Motorcycle travel can be especially dangerous on busy, congested highways in New Jersey. In bad traffic, one can sometimes witness a motorcycle riding on the line between lanes in the same direction of traffic. This means of moving through traffic is commonly referred to as lane-splitting, and it may be disconcerting to the unsuspecting driver. However, some believe that motorcyclists avoid dangerous situations by maneuvering through traffic in this way.

How to handle dangerous motorcycle riding situations

Cruising along the streets of New Jersey can be thrilling, but there are many situations that can be especially dangerous for motorcycle riders. As a driver, you can increase your safety by being constantly aware of the possible obstacles you may face on the road. We at Lieberman, Ryan and Forrest have created this guide to detail the dangers to watch out for when you are riding a motorcycle.

Elderly woman hits motorcycle

While New Jersey residents who love to ride motorcycles may be able to enjoy the thrill of the open air and the open road, they must also navigate the dangers of sharing the road with larger, heavier vehicles. Regardless of who has the right of way, when an accident occurs between a motorcyle and car, truck, sport utility vehicle or a commercial vehicle, it is the motorcyclist who stands to be hurt the most.

Manchester Township motorcyclist killed

Motorcycle riding is a popular way for many New Jersey residents to get around. Most drivers know how important it is to watch for motorcycles while driving, but unfortunately motorcycle accidents do still occur. When a loved one has been the victim of a motorcycle accident, families can be torn apart.

Spring is almost here, which more motorcycles on the road

Although this winter, by all accounts has been relatively mild for us folks up here in the Somerville, New Jersey, area, I suspect many of us are looking forward to the change of seasons. Phil the groundhog did see his shadow this year in the beginning of February, meaning 6 more weeks of winter, but we are almost already into mid-March and the Old Father Winter has given us a few glimpses of spring.

Handling the aftermath of a motorcycle accident

The probability of a motorcyclist fatality occurring is more than 25 times that of deaths in other vehicles. The reason is that motorcycles offer minimal protection and the balance of the bike ultimately relies on the rider's skills. Therefore, motorcyclists need to cultivate the habit of defensive riding and wearing proper protection to control the consequences of motorcycle accidents. In New Jersey, you must own a helmet that meets the safety standards of the US Department of Transportation (DOT). Authorized helmets help to prevent brain injury in the event of a motorcycle crash.

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