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Man suffered injuries as child, now seeks justice

When parents are looking for extracurricular activities for children, there are lots of options. For children that enjoy outdoor activities like sports, parents may worry about safety. Recently, a New Jersey man shared his own story about suffering injuries as a child, and he says that the adults supervising the situation were to blame. 

Injuries on iconic Disney ride

Disney Parks have a long-standing reputation as a place that offers nostalgic, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many New Jersey families along with millions of people across the globe have taken or are planning a trip to one of these amusement parks. New attractions are constantly added to appeal to younger guests who may not be familiar with the characters of older favorites have been thrilling guests for decades. Recently, injuries at a park raise questions about the safety of some of these older attractions. 

An attractive nuisance can lead to premises liability claims

With the arrival of summer, property owners in New Jersey may want to look at any potential dangers that could cause injuries to unsupervised children around their yards. These are called attractive nuisances that include anything that could attract neighborhood children to come onto the property for a closer look. However, if such incidents cause injuries, the property owner could face full financial accountability through a premises liability lawsuit.

Material handling injuries cited in workers' compensation claims

Workers in the warehousing and fulfillment centers in New Jersey face a host of workplace injury risks. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates safety standards for this industry, holding employers responsible for the safety and health of employees. However, workers' compensation claims citing material handling injuries continue to be filed.

Shopping injuries can lead to premises liability lawsuits

Consumers nationwide, including New Jersey, rely on property owners at shopping malls, retail outlets and other commercial properties to address known hazards that could cause injuries to shoppers, visitors and workers. The number of premises liability lawsuits that are filed in New Jersey courts each year shows that injured shoppers accuse many property owners and tenants of business premises of being negligent. Such personal injury claims involve neck and back injuries, often caused by slip, trips and falls.

Premises liability: New Jersey man fatally injured at ski resort

What was meant to be a ski trip in another state recently turned into a tragedy when a New Jersey man suffered a fatal injury. The 46-year-old man died on a recent Thursday in an incident that authorities ruled to be an accident. According to records, this was the first fatal chairlift incident at this resort since 2016 when a woman died after she was thrown from the lift. Following that accident, a report determined that the lift operator materially contributed to the accident, which would have been grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

Potential high for premises liability claims in winter months

Property owners must take all reasonable precautions to protect employees, patrons and guests against hazards that could cause slips and trips. This is a significant responsibility, particularly during New Jersey winters. Anyone who suffers injuries in a fall while visiting a supermarket, shopping center, hotel, office complex, manufacturer, apartment or other property with access to the public might have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

Premises liability lawsuit follows Legionnaires' infection

Legionella bacteria cause a deadly type of pneumonia called Legionnaires' disease. Health officials issued a statement in which they confirmed that 94 people from various states, including New Jersey, became infected with this bacteria at a fair and were hospitalized. Four of those people have died so far. One of the victims who was infected has now filed a premises liability lawsuit.

Law protects NJ children from bullying at school

Childhood bullying has probably been around the entirety of human existence. Children who are bullied by their peers may fear for their safety, develop anxiety and depression disorders and have difficulty concentrating in school. Bullying is especially significant in modern times due to social media and the Internet having such a strong impact on students’ lives. Not only can New Jersey students be bullied in school, but the harmful behavior can continue anytime as their tormentors harass them online.

What common summer risks could endanger your child?

It is good for your children to get outside and play during the summer months, but, as you know, there are also dangers that can threaten your children when they go outside without supervision. This does not mean that you must keep an eye on your children all the time, especially if they are older. However, you and other New Jersey residents may want to learn about summer risks for children, as well as how attractive nuisance law can protect them.

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