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Can head trauma rise to the level of a disability?

The recent announcement of radio host Jim Gearhart’s departure due to a slip-and-fall injury illustrates the long-lasting effects that head trauma can have on an individual. 

Might a car crash victim also qualify for disability benefits?

Advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving appeal to the collective public conscience for enacting and enforcing tough drunk driving laws. Yet there may also be a financial incentive, according to a recent article. 

How can an attorney help with Social Security disability claims?

The Social Security Administration’s website proclaims that it is possible to apply for disability benefits online, and includes a link taking readers to a related page. Such one-click accessibility may create a presumption of ease when it comes to filing for Social Security disability insurance benefits. Yet the claims backlog and high denial rate of initial SSDI applications tells a different story.

Do personal injury lawsuits provide for long-term damages?

An accident can have far-reaching implications. Although readers of this personal injury blog may understand the principle of seeking compensation for injuries caused by another’s negligence, there can be additional issues in calculating damages.

Could the Internet solve the world's toughest disability issues?

What do you think is the most serious issue facing people with disabilities worldwide? There may be any number of answers, but one important aspect of the question is this: it asks what you think. Since you're reading a legal blog about injuries, there's a good chance you have experience living with a disability. Isn't it time you were the one being asked to set priorities? 

Factors that the SSA considers when determining disability

Any type of serious health condition can turn a person's world upside down, whether it is a mental illness or physical injury. It can become all but impossible to do things you used to do, and you may consider yourself to be disabled. However, your definition of disability may not be the same as the Social Security Administration's definition, and unfortunately it is the SSA's definition that matters when it comes to pursuing disability benefits.

Who reports it if you're getting both workers' comp and SSDI?

The unfortunate fact is that a lot of people get hurt at work, and sometimes they end up permanently disabled. As we've discussed before, people who suffer permanently disabling workplace injuries often qualify for both workers' compensation and Social Security disability benefits. It's perfectly legal -- and expected -- for people to apply for and receive both types of benefits; systems have been set up to account for it.

After a disabling work injury, can I get workers' comp and SSDI?

It can be tough to get by after a disabling injury, because by definition you can't work. The bills keep stacking up, but there's nothing you can do about it without income. If you were hurt at work, you're probably eligible for workers' compensation benefits, as we've discussed on this blog before. We've also discussed how, if your injury will keep you from performing any substantial work for at least a year, you might be eligible for Social Security disability. Can you get both?

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