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Have you been injured in a car accident? We can help

Most Somerville, New Jersey, residents will get into a car accident at least once in their driving career. Although most car accidents are minor fender-benders, a serious car accident can occur at any time. No one expects that their loved one will suffer from serious injuries or even die because of a car accident, but these tragic situations occur every day in New Jersey and across the United States.

Somerville pedestrian hit by car

Drivers in Somerville, New Jersey, are usually careful and aware of their surroundings, including other cars, bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. But occasionally a car accident occurs that leaves a person with a serious injury. In these situations, families can be caught off-guard.

The dangers of drunk driving – DUI's and more

It is common knowledge that drunk driving is against the law. Driving while under the influence of drugs is dangerous and may cause fatal accidents. Despite it being illegal, drunk driving has become a major issue in the U.S. In order to mitigate the situation at hand; the government is becoming increasingly strict and vigilant towards these incidents.

Who is responsible when you get in an accident in a borrowed car?

Even the safest of drivers can find themselves in an accident. Matters become complicated when the driver behind the wheel is not the actual owner of the car. In instances of borrowed car accidents, the owner may become a liability. The insurance status of the driver and whether the accident was the fault of the driver or not also comes into play.

You have a choice when pursuing compensation for car accidents

Being involved in a car accident can impact your life in a variety of ways. Even if the damage done is minimal, you will still probably have to deal with insurance companies and a body shop that will do the repairs. If your car is seriously or irreparably damaged, you may not have your own vehicle for a prolonged period of time. And if you are injured in the accident, you will be facing medical expenses and perhaps even time lost from work.

Reasons why you shouldn't text and drive

Several activities can be classified under distracted driving, including texting, eating and drinking, taking care of a child and using gadgets. Most recently, implemented laws focus specifically on gadget distractions. These include texting, calling or the use of cellphones in general. This problem is quite common in young adults and teens. The use of smartphones while driving has peaked as smartphone ownership has grown.

New Jersey motorcycle accident leaves one dead

It's a beautiful time of year in New Jersey. Soon, the weather will be getting a little cooler, the leaves will be changing and all the summer traffic will abate now that kids are back in school. That makes it a perfect time to break out the motorcycle and take to the roads and enjoy the changing season.

Futures ruined by police officer after drunk driving accident

You often hear of drunk driving accidents and are probably familiar with reading about the victims on both sides of the law. Those physically injured or killed are mourned, their lives cut tragically short after committing no crime, simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And then sometimes you also hear a voice speaking on behalf of the person who made the decision to drive drunk. For whatever reason, with decision-making abilities greatly impaired, these offenders single-handedly wipe out lives, destroy futures and shoulder the burden of guilt. The offender faces criminal charges and serious consequences.

Amputees in car accident seek damages for negligence

What happens when a commercial vehicle isn't properly maintained and because of that, experiences a malfunction that results in catastrophic injuries? Your life won't be the same, that is indisputable, but in addition to acclimating to all of the various challenges of your new life with injuries, what recourse do you have against the financial burdens that you are now saddled with? Somebody should pay. That somebody should not be you.

Cause unknown for teenagers in accident following prom

When we send our children off to school-sanctioned events we do so with a bit of trepidation but also a certain level of trust. After all, doing so is a necessary evil for parents as our children age and inevitably make their way into the world on their own. But what happens when our worst fears are confirmed and our children never make it back home following such an event?

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