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Driving habits that can reduce chances of being in a car accident

It's early, perhaps 7:30 in the morning and traffic congestion is already starting to back up traffic on the interstate as you make your way to work. Like every morning, you have your coffee in hand, the radio tuned to the morning drive show and you've settled into what seems like your millionth commute. Sound familiar? Each year thousands of motorists are involved in collisions that cause serious injury, disability and high medical expenses resulting from driver negligence.


Man flees after allegedly killing a child in a hit-and-run

What makes a senseless accident criminal? In the case of a hit-and-run, it is primarily how a person behaves immediately following the accident that can make a person a hero or a criminal. In the case of a man from Newark whose vehicle struck a mother and daughter walking to school in West New York, even though he initially was alleged to stop and get out of the car briefly, his alleged failure to render aid or remain with the victims until help arrived resulted in his being held in jail and facing very serious charges.

Collision of Google car with bus begs the question: is it ready?

Back in July last year we wrote a post entitled, "Problems with self-driving cars will always be there." In that post, as some of our more frequent readers may remember, we talked about self-driving cars and whether they are safer than human-operated vehicles.

Suggested FMCSA rule could help reduce truck crashes in US

Most people are aware of how dangerous a collision with a large commercial vehicle can be. Because of their size and weight, accidents typically do not end well for the smaller vehicle or its driver. Serious injuries and even death are common, which is all the more reason to find ways of preventing these accidents from happening in the first place.

Recent New Jersey car accidents: wrong-way crash kills 1

A person involved in a wrong-way crash died recently as a result of his injuries. The 22-year-old Mount Olive man was involved in an accident which took place in Sparta on a recent Tuesday night in December. When individuals are killed in car accidents caused by another party's negligence, their loved ones are typically entitled to file a wrongful death suit.

Is speeding a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents?

Although laws prohibiting such negligent behaviors as texting or using a cell phone behind the wheel may be more recent, a recent article reminds us that even good old-fashioned speeding limits serve an important safety purpose. Driving with excessive speed can create a safety issue even for trained professionals. 

Are some New Jersey roadways more crash prone than others?

Based on recent crash data, a compilation of 10 sections of New Jersey highways have been flagged as the most crash prone. Some areas are near retail stores, such as Route 22 in Union Township. Others are vacation routes, such as beachgoers driving through Toms River via Route 37.

Do truck operators owe an extra duty of care to other drivers?

Across the nation, accidents involving large trucks, or those with a gross weight over 10,000 pounds, comprise about 10 percent of accidents. However, the massive forces generated by the sheer size of such large trucks often translate into serious or catastrophic injuries for occupants in the other vehicles. Indeed, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash data indicates that over two-thirds of those injured or killed after a truck accident were occupants in the other vehicles.

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