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Is speeding a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents?

Although laws prohibiting such negligent behaviors as texting or using a cell phone behind the wheel may be more recent, a recent article reminds us that even good old-fashioned speeding limits serve an important safety purpose. Driving with excessive speed can create a safety issue even for trained professionals. 

Are some New Jersey roadways more crash prone than others?

Based on recent crash data, a compilation of 10 sections of New Jersey highways have been flagged as the most crash prone. Some areas are near retail stores, such as Route 22 in Union Township. Others are vacation routes, such as beachgoers driving through Toms River via Route 37.

Do truck operators owe an extra duty of care to other drivers?

Across the nation, accidents involving large trucks, or those with a gross weight over 10,000 pounds, comprise about 10 percent of accidents. However, the massive forces generated by the sheer size of such large trucks often translate into serious or catastrophic injuries for occupants in the other vehicles. Indeed, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash data indicates that over two-thirds of those injured or killed after a truck accident were occupants in the other vehicles.

What can be done in the wake of a car accident?

When you get into a car accident, a lot is going through your mind. Most car accidents are minor in nature, and thus only a little property damage is involved. But there are obviously some very serious car accidents that can occur. In such severe car accidents, some of the tips we are about to list may not be applicable. For many wrecks, though, these post-accidents steps are very important.

Do criminal and civil claims ever arise from the same car crash?

When another driver’s negligence rises to the level of recklessness, criminal liability may attach, in addition to potential civil claims. Yet recreating another driver’s actions may prove challenging in either context. Crash experts may reconstruct the scene, but in some instances, unexplained accidents may simply be imputed to a driver’s negligence. 

Can a manufacturer be liable for a car accident?

Driver negligence is a big contributor to many motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey. Yet there may be other causes outside of a driver’s control. The product recall involving GM ignition switches is a recent example of a product defect that has caused injuries to many drivers. Although GM was not immediately forthright, it has subsequently issued a product recall and set up a settlement fund for accident victims.

Federal crash investigators cite truck driver's fatigue

One reason truck accidents can wreak large-scale devastation is the force generated by their sheer size. At high-speeds, vehicles that may weigh several tons can produce chain-collisions upon impact. The truck accident that injured actor Tracy Morgan is a prime example.

What happens when another's negligence results in head trauma?

Although a variety of accidents can result in brain injury, there may still be misunderstanding over the long-term effects of this type of injury. Indeed, as a personal injury law firm that has pursued compensation against a negligent party on behalf of brain injury victims, we understand that damage requests can vary greatly. The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey maintains a website that provides some information to help with this confusion. 

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