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What are the signs of shock?

New Jersey residents like yourself likely pass by many dogs every day. However, a single dog attack can result in numerous or severe injuries. It can even lead to shock, a condition that may be lethal. Knowing how to recognize the signs of shock can be a literal life saver.

Dog bites: who is to blame?

Dogs have long been known as loyal and loving companions. After all, they offer unconditional support, entertainment, and protection to their human owners. Although these four-legged children are commonly considered members of the family, there are some that compromise these popular and endearing notions. Like any animal, dogs can have ranging temperaments; this is especially true regarding dogs who have been abused and who are raised to fight. While both of these practices are prohibited in New Jersey, they are not the only reasons a dog may bite, and there are nevertheless many instances in which a dog bites a person and an injury occurs as a result. Regardless of the type of attack, who is to blame for damage done? 

The dangers of cat bites

New Jersey residents may not be aware of the fact that cat bites can actually be even more dangerous than dog bites. While people treat dog bites immediately, they may be more inclined to let a cat bite sit without proper treatment, which could be a dangerous or even deadly decision.

The most dangerous domestic animal bites

If any resident of New Jersey is ever bitten by an animal, domesticated or otherwise, it's likely a good idea to seek medical attention immediately to prevent disease or infection. Some animal bites may require more concern than others, however, due to the potential diseases carried by the animal or the risk of infection.

8-year-old Jersey City boy loses ear to dog attack

Many New Jersey families have dogs as family pets. Dogs are beloved family members, but sometimes they can be dangerous. Animal bites can happen in an instant and are often totally unexpected, although owners do always have an obligation to supervise their dogs.

Rise in online shopping means more dog bites for postal workers

Many New Jersey residents do some of their shopping online these days. It's a popular way for people to buy almost anything and have it directly shipped to their house. With the rise of online sales comes additional package deliveries for postal workers. These postal workers are now seeing an increase in dog bite injuries.

Dog bites: what can you get compensation for?

Approximately 1,000 United States citizens sustain dog bite injuries daily and nearly 4.7 million are bit every year. But only a small percentage files lawsuits. If a dog bites you in New Jersey, you have up to two years to file a lawsuit. The court will ultimately dismiss your case if you file a complaint after this period lapses. You are eligible for compensation whether a dog bites you in a private or a public place. This condition applies whether or not the dog had shown prior aggressive behavior, regardless of the owner's knowledge.

Domestic animals and bite injury case

Having been involved in an animal bite case can be a traumatic experience. While most cases are accidental, negligence on part of animal owners can result in serious injuries and physical pain for the victim. A decision to file a legal claim for the animal bite injury may vary depending on the kind of animal involved in the incident.

How Somerville Lawyers Can Resolve a Dog Bite Claim for You

Owners of animals, like dogs, have the responsibility of confining them so that they do not attack innocent residents. In Somerville, the Statutes of New Jersey hold a dog's owner liable for dog bite injuries caused to a person, and the victim can file a dog bite claim. However, you must not have been trespassing on the dog owner's property at the time of the attack. The dog bite law is limited to bites, but you can file negligence claims for other types of injuries.

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